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The 2020 CAMP de AMIGO Japanese-style camping music festival has entered its fifth year. The organizers of the event, Hsin Fan & Kenji Doi, are also the founders of the Saibaba Ethnique brand. They are committed to promoting Japanese music festivals and introduced them to Taiwan in 2015. This year, it cooperated with the outdoor brand POLER and Hanchuang Sports Marketing, and made a lively debut in the Luoyusong grassland area of ​​Taichung Lihpao Land. AMIGO means "friends" in Spanish, which means inviting friends to experience Japanese-style camping, listening to music, shopping in style markets, eating exotic delicacies, and following outdoor craftsmen's hand-made courses, creating a family that can be enjoyed by both parents and children and pets. A friendly space for fun together, so that everyone can experience the authentic Japanese outdoor style music festival without Japan! 

▴The main visual of 2020 CAMP de AMIGO is bright and lively, and it is a must-see point for participating in the event. /Photography: Wang Yinqin▴Theactivity is located in the Luoyusong District next to Lihpao Land in Taichung. The climate of the camping day in this season is pleasant and comfortable. /Photographer: Wang Yinqin

 In the first half of 2020, due to the disruption of various activities due to the epidemic, he was worried about whether CAMP de AMIGO would not be able to be held. However, after careful evaluation by the organizer, it will still be held as usual, fulfilling the agreement with fans and friends, and preparing for this cold winter Add a touch of warmth. The Japanese reggae band "Marleys" (☆マーレーズ☆) who has supported CAMP de AMIGO for many years, and outdoor workers Mr. Shuhei Nagano and Mr. Tatsuya Mashima were also present. They are willing to cooperate with Taiwan's epidemic prevention and isolation regulations and come to Taiwan one month in advance to warm up and prepare , really moved the fans and friends! ▴Ms. Nagano Shuhei's outdoor curry cooking teaching, the limited number of places is a second-kill course every year. / Picture: Provided by Camp de Amigo ▴Mr. Nagano Shuhei who is serious about helping students sculpt works, and patiently guides every friend who comes to the course. /Photography: Mr. Wang Yinqin Nagano Shuhei cooperated with Haoshi Curry on the first day of the event, teaching Amigo’s friends how to make simple outdoor cooking. Even the editor was attracted by the fragrant curry and was accidentally fed several mouthfuls , really satisfied! On the second day, I made wooden spoons by hand. The sculpture of a spoon is really not easy! Fortunately, both the teacher and the students are very patient to complete the works one by one, each work is unique. 

Mr. Tatsuya Mashima brought a special hand-made class this time. On the first day, there was a limited edition leather gas cover co-branded with COLEMAN, which is definitely very valuable for collection! The second day is all kinds of practical gadgets in hand-made camping supplies. The two-day hand-made course is very interesting!

This year's Christmas style market has about 100 stalls, recruiting exotic cuisines from Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Mexico, etc., all kinds of camping supplies, outdoor equipment, style groceries, handmade accessories, parent-child experience, picnic teaching, etc. Food, drink and shopping, every day Each stall has its own characteristics, so don't miss it!

▴The market stalls are full of exotic delicacies, outdoor products, and joint-branded products, so it's hard not to stop eating and buying! /Photo provided by: Camp de Amigo, Wang Yinqin. ▴The co-branded curry meal launched by Haoshi Curry and CAMP de AMIGO, you must have a meal when you are hungry. /Photographer: Wang Yinqin This time, the Japanese national curry "Good Waiter Curry" and "Chopsticks Fun Hotel" X "Curry Douzhen", "Fuji Curry", "Zhenfang-Charcoal Grilled Toast/Black Tea Milk" jointly launched a classic curry Cuisine can only be eaten at CAMP de AMIGO! Last year's highly acclaimed "SPUTNIK Dog Paradise" is built in Japanese Showa retro style this year, so that furry children can also have their own exclusive amusement park, whether it is a ball pool, tunnel or small slope, let the dogs run freely in the park, Enjoy free play time. This year, it also launched joint products with the well-known dog illustrator Puppy Studio, including pet scarves, embroidered hang tags, and owner-exclusive co-branded T-shirts, so that fur kids can look handsome together with their owners. ▴ SPUTNIK, the exclusive paradise for Mao children, will also have joint products with Amigo this year, so buy exclusive souvenirs! /Photo provided by: Camp de Amigo, Wang Yinqin. ▴The second stage is the most popular among parents and children. The lively interactive activities allow Amigo children to experience it to the fullest. /Photo provided by: Camp de Amigo, Wang Yinqin

In terms of event arrangements, CAMP de AMIGO is very friendly to parents and families. It uses a hexagram tent to create the chilliest second stage. In addition to inviting DJs and bands to perform, they also invite children to the most popular "Magic Clown Show" and "Bubble Show". Party" interactive performance, Mr. Quanlian also came to the scene to tell stories to the children, so that both adults and children can enjoy the most beautiful and relaxing moments in the music festival.

On the main stage of CAMP de AMIGO's LIVE music, AMIGOs sit on the turf or follow the artist's singing and swing, enjoying the leisure time with non-stop music. /Photography: Wang Yinqin▴

CAMP de AMIGO's LIVE music main stage, AMIGOs sit on the turf or follow the artist's singing and swing, enjoying the leisure time of non-stop music. /Photographer: Wang Yinqin Music is of course the highlight of CAMP de AMIGO, the most watched LIVE music main stage, Taiwanese and Japanese artists take turns to perform, this year invites Wei Ruxuan, the queen of the golden song, to bring an exciting performance, "Wang The songs of the Fu Orchestra" made fans and friends resonate with the swing, retro and lazy Taiwanese band "Sunset Speeder", "Matzka Maska" from Taiwan's reggae range, unique artists "Ke Zhitang", "Shu Mi En", "Lei Qing", "Bear Bear Specialist", "The Fur.", "ゲシュタルト奈女", etc., continued the enthusiasm style of AMIGOs driven by joy in the past, making the two-day event full of excitement.

"Driving a Dining Truck to Make Friends" visited the scene, and the fans and friends on site were also very enthusiastic. They seized the opportunity to receive sandwiches from the artist and make friends. /Photography: Wang Yinqin added surprise! LINE TV's original reality variety show "Make Friends in a Dining Truck" also made friends at Camp de AMIGO! Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong, KID Lin Bosheng, and Song Baiwei drove a camper van all over Taiwan. On the day of the event, they came to the scene to tell everyone the story of the three little pigs to warm up their bodies. They made friends with Amigo with delicious sandwiches for dinner. Everyone ate sandwiches and The idols had a lot of fun taking photos! ▴The annual Camp de AMIGO makes fans and friends leave with laughter and reluctance, and we will see you again soon! /Photographer: Wang Yinqin▴The annual Camp de AMIGO makes fans and friends leave with laughter and reluctance, and we will see you again soon! /Photography: Wang Yinqin Camp de AMIGO carefully arranges a variety of activities suitable for adults, children, and even furry children every year, so that fans and friends who participate can have more fun, and they can also find new friends of the same hobby, and go home with full of memories! The most common thing I hear friends say after the event is that they will come to play again next time! What kind of friends do you want to meet again, I also want to experience camping... etc., everyone is so cute! This is also the original intention of Camp de AMIGO to hold a music festival. Welcome everyone to bring friends to play! Please pay close attention to the Camp de AMIGO fan page ( ), and look forward to the next surprise!

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